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How S-Protect Works
The SPAM-Tagging service is applied to each individual domain name, and will protect all user addresses within that domain . If you receive mail for the ‘.com’ and the ‘.us’ of your domain name, then you would need to protect both domains separately before delivery into your POP3 mailbox or your hosting server etc.

Diagram - How S-Protect Works

Your Email is scanned automatically to determine the possibility of it being SPAM before the email is placed in your mailbox. This solution does not require any software to be installed on your computer. All you need to do is just to have your MX pointed to our VirusNoMore server hostname. This change can be made/reversed by the DNS administrator or technical contact for your domain name.

  1. Change your MX to point to VirusNoMore's hostname (
  2. Then all emails will go through S-Protect for scanning.
  3. If the email is highly suspected as SPAM, it will be tagged (the header will be attached with the word 'SPAM') before it is placed in your mailbox. Click here to find out SPAM-Tagging FAQs.
  4. You can then configure your mail program so that, when mail comes in, it is sorted according to whether or not it's likely to be spam. Your mail program does this sorting by looking at these headers (it can see them even when you cannot), and putting possible-spam mail into a separate mail folder. Click here to learn more about Setting Filters (Netscape, Outlook, Eudora).

The steps shown above are so simple and direct and once you have set the filters, the SPAM tagged emails will be filtered in another folder and not in your inbox. We would advise you to scan through the SPAM folder to ensure that the non-SPAM emails which may fall in the SPAM category not to be missed out.

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Why I Need Your Email SPAM-Tagging Service
  • Non-productive and malicious spam are core hog for for most organizations.
  • ISPs estimate that SPAM already accounts for more than 30 percent of email to its members – as many as 24 million messages a day.
  • VirusNoMore makes your organizational networks free from SPAM by applying our effective SPAM-tagging technique.

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