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How V-Protect Works
The antivirus gateway service is applied to each individual domain name, and will protect all user addresses within that domain . If you receive mail for the ‘.com’ and the ‘.us’ of your domain name, then you would need to protect both domains separately before delivery into your POP3 mailbox or your hosting server etc.

Diagram - How V-Protect Works

Your Email is scanned automatically for any viruses before the email is placed in your mailbox. This solution does not require any software to be installed on your computer. All you need to do is just to have your MX pointed to our VirusNoMore server hostname. This change can be made/reversed by the DNS administrator or technical contact for your domain name.

  1. Change your MX to point to VirusNoMore's hostname (
  2. Then all emails will go through V-Protect for scanning.
  3. If the email is not virus-infected, it will be directed to the respective mail server and sent to the recipients.
  4. However, if a virus is detected, the email will be quarantined and an email notification will be sent to the sender as well as to the recipient.

The steps shown above are so simple and direct, all your incoming emails will have complete protection against email viruses after you sign up with us.

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Why I Need Your Email Antivirus Service
  • Computer viruses are becoming more commonly spread through emails.
  • ICSA Labs Virus Prevalence Survey 2001 found that 83% of viruses are transmitted via e-mail.
  • Computer viruses can cause severe organizational effects such as employee downtime, overtime to recover, lost opportunity, etc.
  • VirusNoMore makes your organizational networks immune to virus outbreaks by stopping them before they reach your networks.

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