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Who We Are.

VirusNoMore is a division of IVC Group, an international corporation that provides Internet services to thousands of customers worldwide since many years ago. We specialize in email gateway antivirus and antispam services.

VirusNoMore is fast becoming the industry leader in providing email antivirus and antispam solutions to clients all over the world. We serve our customers with reliable and world-class equipment, friendly and knowledgeable support staff, and more importantly, our commitment in making your organizational networks free from malicious viruses and spam.

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Our Objectives

VirusNoMore strives to make your organizational networks immune to virus outbreaks and spam by stopping them before they reach your networks.

ICSA Labs Virus Prevalence Survey 2001 revealed that 83% of viruses are transmitted via e-mail. Malicious code writers (computer virus creators) often exploit the growing popularity of email and hence computer viruses are becoming more commonly spread through emails.

ISPs estimate that spam already accounts for more than 30 percent of email to its members as many as 24 million messages a day. Non-productive and malicious spam are fast becoming the core hog for for most organizations, considering the time and money spent on handling spam.

It is our goal to protect individuals and enterprises around the world from email viruses as well as spam, and help organizations avoid employee downtime, overtime to recover, lost opportunity, and other organizational effects due to virus outbreaks and spam.

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