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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Spam-related

1. What is spam?
Spam is the popular term for unsolicited, mass-mailed e-mail messages. This might include, for example, marketing mail for computer software, or a political newsletter

2. Is spam the same thing as a virus?
Not necessarily. Viruses are often sent through "spam" methods -- mass-mailings to lots of people. However, not all spam contains viruses. Some contain scams (such as the Nigerian money mail), advertisements (for pornography, software, furniture -- you name it!) or political propoganda. Some is sent simply to be annoying and may have no meaningful content at all.

3. Why is S-Protect important for my mailbox?
Today, spam is more than an annoyance to most people. Network technicians hate spam because it hogs crucial bandwidth required to run their networks. Average computer users eventually detest downloading their email because of all the junk they receive. It is therefore important for anyone to avoid fraudulent, inappropriate and offensive emails by utilizing an effective SPAM-Tagging mechanism such as S-Protect.

4. What is SPAM-Tagging and what is its purpose?
Email comes with "headers." Many mail programs, by default, only show you headers such as "To:", "From:", and "Subject.".

SPAM-Tagging means that some headers are set up to indicate whether or not a message is likely to be spam. In this case, S-Protect tags possible spam by attaching with the word 'SPAM' in the header.

The purpose of SPAM-Tagging is to allow you to filter out all the possible spam through your mail program. You can configure your mail program so that, when mail comes in, it is sorted according to whether or not it's likely to be spam. Your mail program does this sorting by looking at these headers (it can see them even when you cannot), and putting possible-spam mail into a separate mail folder.

5. Why Spam-Tagging and not direct removal of all the SPAM emails?
It is not advisable to remove all the emails that are considered as spam as this may caused some of the emails which may fall into the SPAM category but actually NOT SPAM to be removed.

6. Why do some non-SPAM emails fall into the SPAM category?
This is because the server identifies SPAM emails by its known SPAM charateristics and the non-SPAM emails may have the charateristics and reached the score which caused it to be tagged as SPAM.

7. What is the benefit of SPAM-Tagging?
- The SPAM-Tagged emails can be filtered into one folder.
- You will not lose your important emails.
- Better visual identification.

8. Can I keep my existing email address?
Yes. The spam filtering occurs transparently and you will be able to use your existing email address.

9. How did they get my e-mail address?
Unfortunately, spammers are getting cleverer. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly how people who send unsolicited email collect addresses because there are so many techniques. Many harvest addresses from Usenet postings and web pages, by viewing mailing list archives, or by buying them from companies that claim to have the address owner's permission. Once spammers have a collection of addresses, sending the mail is easy.

10. What are the general principles of avoiding spam?
VirusNoMore's S-Protect is an effective and efficient way of filtering spam from your mailbox, we do however, advise our clients to practise the following:
• Don't post your email address online.
• Do not purchase spam-advertised products.
• Do not reply to spam, instead, forward spam to the Federal Trade Commission at

11. Will the email scanning delay the time of email delivery?
S-Protect scanning will only cause a delay of 1 or 2 seconds in a normal message’s normal delivery time. A very large message will take a little longer.

12. Am I still in control of my e-mail?
Yes, you are in complete control at all times. The service can be stopped at any time and the detour restored to its original destination. We can make this change or it can be simply done, without our participation, by your calling the company that hosts your e-mail server and domain.

13. What if I have exceeded the maximum scanned email per month?
You will still be receiving the emails. We will send you a notification when you are approaching your maximum limit.

14. Will VirusNoMore lose my mail?
No. You will receive all your emails, including the SPAM-tagged emails (email subject containing the word 'SPAM'), which will be conveniently filtered through your POP email program (please refer to Setting Filters (Netscape, Outlook, Eudora)).

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