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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Virus-related

1. Why is V-Protect important for my mailbox?
Most of the computer viruses are delivered through e-mail. Therefore the best way to protect your mailbox is to have virus email protection.

2. Will I be informed if any of my e-mails is found to be infected by virus?
Yes, we will quarantine any email that is detected with virus and notify you and the original sender via e-mail. All scanned e-mails will be indicated with the message "This e-mail was scanned by VirusNoMore V-Protect".

3. Does V-Protect 100% guarantee no virus infection after subscription?

Yes, unless the e-mail virus is delivered before the virus pattern is available or through other sources such as file downloads, disketts, etc. To enhance your protection, we ensure prompt update of new virus patterns on an hourly basis, every day. V-Protect only scan for viruses that come in through emails only.

4. How often will the virus pattern be updated?
VirusNoMore will update the virus pattern on an hourly basis, 24x7, 365 days a year.

5. Will I be receiving notification of an updated virus pattern?
Updating virus pattern is an hourly activity. Therefore, VirusNoMore does not generate additional e-mail notifications.

6. Will this service scan e-mail attachments only, or body text as well?
All content of the e-mail will be scanned, including attachments and body text.

7. Will V-Protect email scanning delay the time of email delivery?
V-Protect scanning will only cause a delay of 1 or 2 seconds in a normal message’s normal delivery time. A very large message will take a little longer.

8. Am I still in control of my e-mail?
Yes, you are in complete control at all times. The service can be stopped at any time and the detour restored to its original destination. We can make this change or it can be simply done, without our participation, by your calling the company that hosts your e-mail server and domain.

9. Will VirusNoMore lose my mail?
No. With the exception of infected messages, VirusNoMore immediately forwards all e-mail messages onto the original e-mail server and user

10. What if I have exceeded the maximum scanned email per month?
You will still be receiving the emails. We will send you a notification when you are approaching your maximum limit.

11. Does V-Protect scanning include incoming and outgoing emails?
V-Protect scans incoming emails only.

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